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My Friday Faves

This is my new weekly blog about things I've come across I love that I think you will love. It could be anything in the realm of fitness, fashion, makeup, health, recipes, who knows, I find lots of things I love! I will do my best to find you the best and share any deals I can find! Let's get to it!

LiL Lashes

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my 3D Fiber Mascara from Younique, but these magnetic lashes are easy on, easy off and evenly perfect! They are about the cost of a mascara and have more wears than one with an even amount of lashes and length. If you use code "Beth" and purchase 2 items, you will get an exclusive discount! Head over to Lil Lash and start shopping. My personal favorite is the 3 magnet lashes because they are easier to put on.

Magic Coffee

I wish this didn't sound so cliche' but its the absolute truth. I started this coffee out of desperation, out of a curiosity that nothing else had worked for me but that this had for someone else. I wanted to prove them wrong. But understanding you don't know until you try and the time it takes for your body to reset, I jumped on board with a full 30 day supply with a money back guarantee. I was set out to prove it wrong. But what I found was a 10 pound deficit without changing anything else that I couldn't get past for months. Read my story.


Cross Bra Tops

It's like the "new necklace" . This tired old top was made new by this new cross bra tank! Thankfully I have them in a selection of colors. It dresses up old shirts and combos new stuff. It's like the perfect non necklace accessory. I can't say anymore. I just love it! Shop here!

If you want all things life, parenting, beauty and health, like Muscle & Mascara Momma!


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