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No More 1 in 4 | Defend Innocence

It's #NoMoreWeek which is a nationally recognized week dedicated to ending domestic violence and sexual assault by getting these issues out of the shadows and encouraging everyone to be part of the solution. Younique was a mission first company meaning they created a company to fund their mission of providing a way to help victims of childhood sexual abuse find hope and healing as well as educate parents, teachers and care providers of the dangerous and provide resources for them to talk with their children.

  • 1 in 4 - 25% of girls are sexually abused before the age of 18

  • 60% of them will never talk about it

  • 90% know their abusers

As a mother of 2 kids and one being a daughter, it's a personal mission of mine to make sure I protect them. When I can't be right there, I know they are educated about the dangers and what situations are acceptable or not and provide a safe place for us to talk about these feelings and situations. I WILL defend their innocence and I want to help as many others do the same.

The Younique Foundation provides a healing and hope retreat for victims that's funded through Younique's donations and yours as you donate or ROUND UP. Every order that's placed on my website, you can ROUND UP to the nearest dollar and those funds go directly to the foundation. On average, $40,000 are donated through round up each month!

The second part of the Younique foundation is its DEFEND INNOCENCE campaign. It provides resources and education to caregivers and parents. How can you help PREVENT this from happening to your kids?

Frequent, open communication can improve your child’s self-esteem, boost physical and mental health, and reduce the risk of child sexual abuse. Try this new tool to help you build a great connection with your child. Give it a try by enrolling in our 21 Days to Connect with Your Kid email/text campaign! JOIN HERE

Together we can help end this and heal those victims who have experienced it! Here are two great resources for more information about how you can educate yourself and communicate about the dangers with your kids and what the Younique Foundation does to help victims.

#YouniqueFoundation #1in4

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