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Podcasts for By Boss Babes For Boss Babes

It is my belief that the more we know the more we grow! I have been making a habit of listening to more empowering podcasts to help me push past struggles, hurdles and anything else I come across in my life to make me a better woman, mom, leader and entrepreneur.

I have found my digital "tribe" in these 5 podcasts that I listen to weekly and look forward to the additional content they provide on their platforms like Facebook as well.

Here are my weekly podcasts that move, motivate and inspire me to be better in business and in life.

Do It Scared by Ruth Soukup

She helps you face your fears and overcome your hurdles to create a life that you will love. She's motivating, has great guests, focused topics and actionable strategies to help you move past those mountains.

RISE podcast by Rachel Hollis

She had me with Girl, Wash Your Face and it became engulfed with her visions, theories and simple, tangible "go get 'em girl" lessons she brings weekly. I also enjoy her daily lives on Facebook with her husband Dave. She's funny, she's a lot like me and I can easily relate to a lot of the things she's experienced in life and is going after .

Goal Digger by Jenna Kutcher

Hard to believe she is a photographer, and I love that she is from Minnesota! She has created a system that helps business owners shine in the social media space with simple hacks and tricks to make it attainable for anyone without being an expert. She's got great stories and highlights amazing people in her podcasts. She's also got great downloads on her website you should checkout.

She Podcast by Jordan Lee Dooley

I found her through an interview on a different podcast but I loved the relatable truth bombs she was dishing out and the actionable tips she gave for improvement. I also love that she has a faith background that she uses to steer her passions into this massive calling she is fulfilling.

Courageous Woman Podcast by Kati Cooley

I'm thankful to be in the community she has created and enjoy the weekly content she produces that gives insight and action to every day problems we experience in life and in business. I always walk away with a better definition or an action in mind to help better myself and how I'm showing up in the world. If you are looking for a tribe, be sure to check out her Courageous Collective Community!

I encourage you to fill your cup, or your ear rather with these weekly podcasts as you work to be the best version of yourself! If you are looking for more, check out my top 5 BOOKS Every Boss Babe should read.

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