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Target SHIPTS | Same Day Delivery Review

I'm an AVID Target shopper. I mean it's not just a retail store, or even destination, but its a full blown activity. A bonus night is getting to shop by myself! If they gave you wine while you shopped it would be my regular weekly date night! I love it because it's full of high quality brands, and I can get food, essentials, and whatever else I probably don't need, and feel like I win when I use my Target Red Card since I always save an extra 5% and it debits right from my checking account. NO CREDIT CARD!

You aren't missing out on anything like cartwheel offers or being able to use your giftcards. All of that applies within your online order. If an items isn't in stock you pick how you want them to handle it. I got a text message saying they were out of Pico De Gallo, do you want me to skip it, or replace it? So cool! When you are checking out you can pick your delivery hour window. Mine was 5 to 6pm and they came promptly at 5. But prior to that my message said text me when you are 10 minutes out. I got a message when she started shopping and when she was done, as well as when she was on her way.

Let's be honest. Not having to go to Target with kids is super helpful. Not having time to wander around picking up extra crap I don't need saves money.

Right now, get a 4 week free trial AND a $15 gift card. After that, an annual Shipt plan is just $99 for unlimited orders of $35 or more. Or, you can pay per Same Day Delivery order. That's less than 1 order a month! I know my time and the crap I have to get extra when I have kids with is worth WELL over $10 a trip.


Think you want to get paid to shop? Become a Shipt Shopper!

TARGET LOVER? Check out my Target section for my finds, favorites and freebies!

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