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The Coffee That Changed My Life

As a fitness trainer you would think that I'm in prime shape. That I have everything together and don't struggle with anything. In the last year, I've gained 20 pounds despite eating healthy and working out 5 times a week. For years, I've struggled with my weight. My thyroid condition has caused me uncontrollable weight gain. NOTHING was working and I was so discouraged and frustrated! I kept seeing posts about this smart coffee with crazy results. I figured I had nothing to lose. Turns out I did. It was pounds and inches.

I drank a cup of this coffee every morning while I got ready. It gave me energy, focus and my hangry outbursts were no longer because I wasn't hungry every other hour. I was feeling better and even feeling thinner. But the scale wasn't showing me any progress. In being in fitness, I know that this can happen and so I took a pair of jeans as a measurement tool since I was spilling out over the top. It was my come to Jesus moment that something had to change. After 6 weeks of consistent use and changing NOTHING ELSE, I had dropped 6 pounds and saw a big difference in my waist line!

I'm now 2 months in and down 10 pounds and feeling so great. All my symptoms of Hypothroidism are diminished. I'm not falling asleep at 2 o'clock every afternoon. Things are FINALLY changing on the scale. I decided to sign up as a Brand Influencer because if I struggled like this and found a solution, I know others do as well and I want to help them feel good again! Confident again!

The coffee can be added to anything like orange juice or my favorite, my protein shake in the morning. It's also great just as a coffee!

If this is something you are looking for, then I encourage you to check out my 3-day sample options. You can choose coffee or capsules

VISIT and sign up for your FREE 3 day sample. You just pay shipping! When you become a preferred customer you will save $10 plus you have a FULL money back guarantee.


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