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The Only 5 Pieces of Home Gym Equipment You Need

It's great to have a gym you can go to, but it can often be overwhelming with all that equipment and don't even get me started on the gym-timidation factor! Not to mention if you don't have someone to watch your kids while you go, its an added layer of barriers.

Working out at home can be just as effective if not more with just a few simple pieces of equipment that you can easily store out of sight in a closet or cubby. Here are the 5 pieces of equipment I would recommend you get and you will likely spend less than $100 on everything!

Where to get this stuff and what to do with it

Resistance Band:

These are great for working intrinsic muscles which are the smaller supporting balance muscles. They are easy to travel with even to a local park and can vary in resistance. I got a set of resistance bands to give me a variety of intensities. Try Tricep Kickbacks, upright rows, bicep curls, leg lifts, squats, lunges, seated rows, the possibilities are endless!

Free Weights:

I would recommend getting a set of both light weights (I used 5) and heavy weights (I used 12). This will give you a variety of things you can work on and build and as women we typically have more leg strength than arm strength. Try curls, squats, lunges, overhead press, and tricep kickbacks.

Toning Ball: 

This toning ball was a great edition that I originally got for just abs but found a lot of other uses for. Try transferring from one arm to the other works arms and obliques. Try around the world which works arms, core and legs. Then, of course, traditional ab uses to help add resistance to the average core workout.

Step Deck:

The step deck is crucial because it offers so many levels and ways to use it. I love this adjustable step deck. It can be used like a weight bench but also add some elevation to make mountain climbers more manageable or used for decline push-ups. Use it as a traditional step varying the height or by adding weights. Jump on and off laterally or do toe-taps to work up a sweat.

Don't limit yourself to thinking you have to have a gym membership or can only run outside. There are a lot of ways to get in a workout that doesn't involve the gym. If you have kids check out, my HIIT workout WITH Kids, or 3 ways to workout with kids at home!

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