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Top Elf-cessories (and multiple ways to use them)

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Elf on the Shelf is a huge tradition and some wonder weather or not to adopt. Let me say that it truly is a fun tradition but we can also use it to teach, entertain and lets be honest, hopefully keep our kids in line for a little bit. This will be my 6th year so believe me when I say I've built a collection of "Elf-ccessories" and tricks to make planning easier. Even for those days I forget!


There is ALWAYS a reason for an Elf Bathrobe. Maybe you need to encourage bath time, maybe you are just wanting to relax but this bathrobe can be used multiple different ways.

Every kid loves a good superhero! Whether its Marvel themed like this advent calendar or a superhero that's saving the day or a toy from something, I love this Superhero outfit.

Baking is what holidays are all about so whether you are buying a gingerbread house, baking cookies or just celebrating a store-bought treat, this apron and bowl set is a great multi-purpose outfit.


This is an Elves At Play, all in one box to have a few options to change things up at the drop of a hat or to inspire a days activities that you may have forgot about. I have also gotten a few of these items at craft stores before like the candy cane string and window mounts. If you have the Elf Flex Kit all of these activities become much easier!

If you have a kid that "likes things that go" this is a fun bonus. The tractor, go cart, snowmobile and boat are the perfect size for the elf (and those long legs). The cheap alternative is to use toys they already have for him to find around in! Just make sure it isn't a huge favorite since they can't touch the elf!

This Countdown to Christmas Advent Calendar was so fun and was a life saver when we were put out of our home for a fire over all of the holidays!


My BEST piece of advice here is to head to the stores right after the holidays and fill up on those 50 and 75% off items like Candy canes, tinsel, mini decorative things like trees (Hobby Lobby is great for this). Here are a few of my goodies that I keep in stock for this elf season!

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