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Why A Gym Buddy Will Up Your Workout Game

Everything is better with friends, right? That includes working out. Not only will you be more likely to enjoy your workout, but you'll be more likely to get through it and be more successful at completing it. The right workout buddy will challenge you and help you both push to a new level.

Here’s a few reasons why having a dedicated gym buddy can help you get even more out of your classes:


Let's face it. We've all hit the alarm clock and rolled over or convinced ourselves we were too busy to squeeze it in. Having a little peer pressure to not disappoint or ditch your friend offers a lot of motivation. Plus, once you get there, you are motivated to keep up (or work past) your friend.


The gym can be intimidating especially if you are new or maybe haven't tried a certain class. Taking someone you know can help ease you into the class and build your confidence.

Never without a class partner

Classes provide a routine and workout structure that can be difficult to maintain on your own. But working out with strangers is very different from working out with someone you already know. Taking your own gym buddy will help you feel more comfortable, plus it helps to avoid those awkward 'gym class moments' when they announce a partner exercise.

Your own spotter

While the instructor will always keep an eye on the form of participants, it can help to have an extra set of eyes to keep watch. Taking a partner to classes means you can look out for each other to ensure you’re performing the exercises to the best of your abilities and getting the most from your workout.


Your friends know you and your sense of humor better than anyone. Exercise can be fun. Whether your laughing at each others jokes, fails or misery, you can enjoy it together.

Combining skills

Everyone has different skill sets and experiences but having 2 heads is better than 1 right? Your friend will be there to pick up the slack, and everything will feel less embarrassing with your friend there to back you up.

Training teamwork

Partner up and get a personal trainer! You will both get the benefits and can keep each other accountable outside of your sessions. Fitness Evolution has a great offer for buddy training sessions right now. You guys split the guys! Learn more.

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