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Why You SHOULD Be Tracking Habits

It's astonishing the things you learn when you track them. We measure kids progress on potty training often with charts, why not measure our own daily habits we "say" we are doing, and "say" are a priority to see if that's really true! I'll be honest and say some days I do things BECAUSE I'm tracking them so point #1 here is totally proven!

Here's why you should be tracking your habits

1. You’ll be likelier to achieve your goals. This is partly due to the fact your are more likely to do more when you are tracking things so when your goals are broken down into habits, say water, activity and consumption when you are trying to lose weight, you are more likely to hit your target.

2. Feel more accomplished. I just LOVE crossing things off on my to-do list. It totally gives me the satisfaction I need sometimes. When you track your habits daily and can feel accomplished, its easier to keep going.

3. You'll find the sticky spots. There are some things that are harder for us than others. Maybe we THINK we are drinking enough water but if you aren't tracking you really have no idea. You may find you hardly drink enough. Learn what's hard and adjust.

Ready To Use Habit Tracker Book | 121+ Habit Tracking Ideas for your Bullet Journal

4. Tracking + Time Blocking: Break the cycle of constant communication which decreases your effectiveness. When you track how many times your are checking your email and social on a daily basis, you can set up time blocks to do those things and avoid disruption and constant checking later.

6. Connect habits and your current situation: You are where you are because of your habits. When you can make the connection between your habits and your current life, you can learn how to leverage them appropriately.

7. The Compound Effect: When you are tracking you will start to see patterns. You will then realize how they combine to create your current situation. The sum of your daily habits are equal to your current situation. So if you want to change your situation, change your daily habits.

"The secret of your success is found in your daily routine." John C Maxwell.

If you are more of a techy and want to easily track your habits and see progress, streaks and success rates, this app is awesome!


Habit Tracker on Google Play

Habit-Bull Tracker on App Store

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